Shops at Burlington

Our team recently sold the Shops at Burlington, a 185,230-square-foot outlet center. Almost everyone we talked to was familiar with the property. It is hard to miss a 19-acre property along Interstate 5. Most everyone had a story of a time they had visited the outlet mall over the course of its 30-year existence.

Books & Records Request Checklist

We recently posted about The Checklist Manifesto for Commercial Real Estate. Included below is our books & records request checklist that we use once a property is under contract.

The Checklist Manifesto for Commercial Real Estate

Atul Gawande, a surgeon and best-selling author, argues in his book, The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right, that checklists are essential for reducing errors and increasing efficiency. He cites the airline industry’s reliance on flight-related checklists – and its remarkable safety record – as evidence of the power of checklists to make processes work.

New Year, New Website

It’s 2022 and we have a brand spanking new website. It is hard to believe, but our last major redesign was 8 years ago which feels like decades ago at today‚Äôs pace of change. We started from scratch and focused on the following features: